Swagger Reference

The Swagger Reference contains information about all entrypoints to the SIM For Things System.

This reference includes interactive components which will make HTTP requests against the live SIM For Things System API. This allows users to directly try the documented entrypoints.


Authentication must be completed for the Try it out feature in the Swagger documentation to work. This is done via the authenticate entrypoint.

More information on how to authenticate are covered in the following documents:

Basic Auth: This document explains how to authenticate using a username and password.

Application Token: This page contains information on how to use an application token to authenticate with SIM For Things System. After an auth_token has been generated and returned by the server, API calls to the SIM For Things System can be authenticated by clicking “Authorize” at the top of the reference page and submitting the auth_token.

Query Parameters

In this documentation, there are API calls with query parameters. When executing these calls, there is no need to add the query name into the form, for example:

The POST request in /api/v1/endpoints, if the desired query should be q=status:2,service_profile:1, there is no need to repeat the q= part of this query in the interactive form.