Sample Event showing PDP context deletion:

    "timestamp": "2015-07-16 12:07:09",
    "alert": true,
    "description": "PDP Context deleted.",
    "id": 69535,
      "description": "Delete PDP Context",
      "id": 4
    "event_source": {
      "name": "Network",
      "id": 0
    "event_severity": {
      "description": "INFO",
      "id": 0
    "organisation": {
      "name": "Organisation_Name",
      "id": 2
    "endpoint": {
      "name": "Monitoring201",
      "tags": "Monitoring",
      "ip_address": "",
      "imei": null,
      "id": 69
    "sim": {
      "iccid": "8988317000000000100",
      "production_date": "2014-12-17 13:26:13",
      "id": 110
    "imsi": {
      "imsi": "901430000000114",
      "import_date": "2014-12-17 13:26:08",
      "id": 110

Event Object

Name Type Description
id Integer Unique ID of this event
timestamp Date Date when the event happened
description String Description of the event
event_type Object Type of the event
event_source Object Source of the event, for example network or API
event_severity Object Severity of the event, can be Info, Warn, Critical
alert Boolean if true, shows up as alert in EUI
organisation Object Organisation (id and name) of the event
user Object User (id, username and name) of the event
endpoint Object affected endpoint (includes id, name, tags, ip address and imei)
sim Object affected SIM (includes id, iccid and production date)
imsi Object affected IMSI (includes id, imsi and import date)
detail Object optional additional information