Version 1.2.23 - Endpoint Quota

2020-01-10 00:00:00 +0000

Endpoint Quota Changes

The following endpoints for managing endpoint quota have been updated according to the current validation. Validation on the action_on_exhaustion property is now less restrictive in relation to contained element. The system will not generate errors if throttling is selected ("id": 2) for SMS quotas. For example, the following call is allowed but will not have any effect on SMS usage when the quota is exhausted:

POST /api/v1/endpoint/{endpoint_id}/quota/sms:

Request body:

"action_on_exhaustion": {
    "id": 2
Topic Method Entrypoint Description
Endpoint POST /endpoint/{endpoint_id}/quota/data Set Data Quota
Endpoint GET /endpoint/{endpoint_id}/quota/data Retrieve Data Quota details
Endpoint POST /endpoint/{endpoint_id}/quota/sms Set SMS Quota
Endpoint GET /endpoint/{endpoint_id}/quota/sms Show SMS Quota details